Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dog Lovin' - Kyjen Bottle Buddies Chew Toys

Kyjen Water Bottle Buddies Dog Chew Toys

Santa brought Lily a Kyjen water bottle buddy chew toy for Christmas and it has been hands-down her favorite toy of all time. I love the clever design paired with adorable characters!  And, what dog doesn't love a crunchy water bottle to chew on?

It didn't take Lily too long to destroy the water bottle itself, but it did take her longer than normal since it's encased in a thick plush animal.  And, the great part about the Kyjen toy is that the water bottle is inserted through the bottom and can then be replaced.  Love that!

Kyjen water bottle buddies are available on, which is where I discovered them.  Here are some links to my favorites...scan over each one with your mouse and a picture will pop-up:

Kyjen water bottle crunch dog toys - christmas moose
Lily's Christmas moose
Christmas dog toys
Christmas morning with Kyjen toys in stockings
For a DIY water bottle toy, check out my previous post on DIY dog toys.

Note:  Please ALWAYS supervise your dog while playing with their toys. The toy featured in this post does have parts that can be swallowed ... Lily does an amazing job of getting the water bottle cap off, even though it's deep inside the stuffed animal!  

Happy Dog Lovin' & Dog Playin'!

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