Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweet Indulgences - Black & White Angel Food Cake

Black & White Angel Food Cake from Cooking Light

I love the light and airy texture of angel food cakes and this Black & White Angel Food Cake recipe from Cooking Light would be a wonderful Easter dessert.  Click here for the recipe.

Here are some great tips for baking the best angel food cake from Fine Cooking and America's Test Kitchen:

  • Cake flour is a must for a tender cake because it's lower in gluten and is finer than regular flour.
  • Under-whip the egg whites for a loftier cake.
  • Separate the eggs while they're still cold and then bring to room temperature before using (approx 1 hour).
  • Cool the cake upside down until completely cooled so it's not crushed by it's own weight.

Have a sweet day!

Image via:  Cooking Light |  America's Test Kitchen

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