Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dog Lovin' - Dog Illustrations In Children's Book

darling clementine from

I have always loved children's book illustrations, especially of dogs.  I still have several of my favorite children's books on my bookshelf and I look through them periodically and smile.  They take me to a happy place!  Here are a few that I came across recently that I felt needed sharing.

Dog Illustration by Ekaterina Trukhan
Illustration by Ekaterina Trukhan

Harry the dirty dog

 I have dabbled with illustrations for children's book and perhaps someday I will finally get around to doing one.  Below is a sketch I did a while ago that I'll nervously share. 

Dog illustration
Illustration by Laura Ashman Jolna

I hope these images bring a smile to your face!

Happy Wednesday!

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