Thursday, December 19, 2013

Artist Spotlight - Floral Watercolor Artist Marney Ward

Pulse of a Peony

Watercolor artist Marney Ward has a magical touch when it comes to conveying light in her floral paintings. The flowers are so lifelike and I love that they all seem to be back-lit.  I also appreciate Marney's skilled brushstrokes and the bleeding of the background color.  Her control of water is amazing.  Beautiful, vibrant color!

Sharing some of my favorites today.  Take a moment to visit Marney's website to view her portfolio and learn more about her.  I think you'll be glad you stopped by! 

Golden Poppies

 Orchid Glow

Cardinal Clematis

Essence of Rose

Thank you for inspiring me today Marney!

Images via: ("Paintings" page)

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