Thursday, February 13, 2014

Artist Spotlight - LOVE Artist Robert Indiana

Love by Robert Indiana
Love, 1966

The world-famous Love paintings and sculptures by beloved American artist Robert Indiana have always been a favorite of mine.  I was recently surprised to learn that he feels that Love eclipsed and over-shadowed all of his other work. And, an amazing body of work it is!

Robert turned 85 this past September and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in NYC honored him with an exhibit, Robert Indiana:  Beyond Love, which just closed last month.

“I had no idea LOVE would catch on the way it did. Oddly enough, I wasn’t thinking at all about anticipating the Love generation and hippies. It was a spiritual concept. It isn’t a sculpture of love any longer. It’s become the very theme of love itself.”  – Robert Indiana

To see Robert's extensive body of work, visit his website here.  NPR also published a great article about him - Robert Indiana:  A Career Defined by 'LOVE' No Longer.  

LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana
LOVE 1966-1999, Installation on Avenue of the Americas, NYC
Electric Love, diplayed at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art
in Sept 2013
Love by Robert Indiana
LOVE, 1964
Love artist Robert Indiana
Robert Indiana, Sept 2013
Thank you for inspiring me and millions of others Robert!

Images via: |  Valley News 

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