Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dog Lovin' - Humunga Lips Dog Toys

Humunga Lips dog toys

I love these Humunga Lips dog toys for Valentine's Day!  They're fun for your pup and a clean way for you to plant a smooch on them.  It's actually a fetch ball with lips attached ... what a great idea!

Another bonus is all of the great photo opps with your pup! They're made of red rubber and have a cherry scent. Humunga Lips are available at Lucky Pet and  For more dog lovin' smootches, check out my previous post, "Doggy Kissing Booths."

Humunga Lips dog toys

Humunga Lips dog toys

Humunga Lips dog toys

Humunga Lips dog toys

Happy Dog Lovin'!

*  Disclaimer - I was not paid to promote this item.

Images via:  Lucky Pet 

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