Thursday, January 30, 2014

Artist Spotlight - The Watercolors Of Gail Flores

I came across one of Gail Flores's watercolors on Pinterest and was so taken by her use of color that I was compelled to search for more of her work.  I was delighted to find that she's in Kansas City which is near where I grew up.  And even more delighted by her portfolio.  I'm sharing some of her paintings with you today to hopefully brighten your day and take you out of the cold weather and somewhere bright, sunny, warm & tropical!

Be sure to visit Gail's website to see more of her wonderful paintings. Thank you for inspiring me today Gail!

Have an inspired day!

Images via:  Floral Hill Designs

1 comment:

  1. Watching Gail paint is amazing. She holds a flower in one hand and paints with the other. The bravery in some of her vibrant colors and broad strokes always stuns me. She works quickly with minimal brush strokes and yet, the images seem SO detailed and realistic. She finds all her inspiration from nature and encourages everyone to stop and PAINT the roses!


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