Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dog Lovin' - The Land Of Misfit Dog Toys

misfit dog toys

It's official ... the countless hours of Indigo & Lily playing with their Christmas toys has led to "the land of misfit toys." Torn, broken and battered, they lay pathetically in a heap begging to be resurrected and played with again.  

The two monkeys on either end are missing their ears, an arm, a tail and have open tears with stuffing coming out.  I've stitched these back up before and will do so again, as I'm a big believer in not throwing toys away unless they are unsafe and can't be repaired.  Lily did quite a number on the reindeer, however, and yes, that is a water bottle sticking out if its torn head.  Definitely not salvageable.  And I thought this one would last a while!

Here's the before pictures for these adorable monkeys ... little did they know what they were in store for!

Do you have any pictures of your dog's misfit toys?  I'd love to see them!

Happy Dog Lovin' & Dog Playin'!

Images via:  Bella Bella Vita

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